Things you do when reading bores the living life out of you

Me to a colleague this morning, when she was trying to recommend me a book:

– Sounds like a great book, but I’m not really reading at the moment. It’s just no fun.
– Sounds boring.

In fact, there are few things I’m interested in at all.

There is one exception. That cronometer I mentioned the other day. Has all of my attention. Apparently I’m ridiculously interested in being well fed.

It’s also got me quite creative in the kitchen. Which is kinda fun. Immediate results! All I’ve got patience for.

I’m inventing out of necessity; the goal is to find recipes that help me hit the RDI. It’s easier to make it up yourself than try to find a recipe that meets my specific requirements.

Some of the RDI goals I struggle the most with are iron, vitamin E and protein.

Turns out my protein powder is actually surprisingly high in iron; two birds, one stone! So today, I’m inventing a type of protein scone.

Because that’s the one bread I know what it should look like, 100% for sure. …according to Swedish standards. Which I’ve noted is different from the rest of the world’s.


To the protein powder I’m adding grated carrot and graham flour. I love graham flour, it has a nice nutty taste. For fat I’m using sunflower seeds, because vitamin E! It has lots of it.

A clever person once said to succeed in baking with protein powder, it shouldn’t exceed 30% of the total amount of dry ingredients. This is sound advice.

I’m basing my recipe on a per serving calculation, which is clever because it becomes real easy to adjust the recipe according how much room you have your freezer.

Dear lord I feel so smart. 

For one serving:

15 g rice protein powder
15 g graham flour
15 g carrot
10 g sunflower seeds
pinch of baking powder/bicarbonate
water as needed (added bit by but until I get the consistency I like at that precise moment, it tends to differ)

End result:


A piece of bread that looks deceptively like a cookie, but texture is decidedly scone-like. Could well have used more carrots though, because mmm, carrots!

Now. If I could develop an interest in photography next, that would all sorts of great because I’m bored with my pictures.

Unrelated note: My domain ( is going to expire in a few days, because I’m not renewing it. It makes no sense to pay for it when I’m also bored with blogging, approx 27 days out of 30.

So IF you’ve bookmarked and IF you’re suddenly wondering why it’s not working, that would be why.

Sunday meal prep


Yoghurt jars; two old peanut butter jars I’ve filled with soy yoghurt, hemp protein powder, frozen cherries, cardamom + cloves and topped with a roasted nut/seed mix. No I don’t meal prep for the entire week; I’m sure you were wondering.


An extra creamy red lentil hummus, fortified with some tofu and seasoned with smoked paprika and garlic salt. Some baby carrots to go with. Super ugly container but then that’s plastic for you. Conscious choice though, as carrying around lots of glass jars is just no fun at all.


Quinoa bake; well, it’s actually a mix of different grains, but mostly quinoa, some full-fat coconut milk, apple, cinnamon, soy milk, and sunflower seeds. Nice change from oatmeal.


Improvised protein muffins. My favorite hemp protein mixed with some regular flour, a banana, vanilla, cardamom, sunflower seeds, soy milk, and a few frozen blueberries. I imagine some people find the green a bit off-putting. It’s a color you can learn to love tho, trust me. Also: this little thing will get you some way towards the RDI or E vitamin. Just saying.


One pot coconut stew. Heat up the rest of the coconut milk left from the quinoa bake, add bit of red curry paste, onion and garlic in some form, some frozen spinach, bag of frozen corn, lots and lots of chickpeas. Serve with brown rice and tomato.

That’s me done with the meal prep for this weekend!

Where do you get your vitamins from?

I found this fun little thing the other day,, via some vegan bragging about his nutrient intake on Instagram.

So basically, using Cronometer you can get a ballpark figure as to what your nutrient intake is, not just carbs, fats and proteins, but vitamins and minerals too.

Fucking hassle entering all your foods (and to think I used to do that on the daily for a very, very long time, it’s how I managed to stay underweight, until my brain was “all enough of this shit”), but it might just be worth it. I am very keen to take fewer supplements as I’m kinda taking a handfull of supplements just in case! It’s an equally boring and expensive habit. So I entered what I typically eat in a day, and the results were not bad. With one exception.

Was quite surprised at my protein intake was just spot on:


I would have guessed a bit low but this, this such good news. Also happily surprised that my iron intake is actually quite good (absorption might be a different story, but never mind that):


While it’s not the exception, I am slightly concerned about the calcium. And I literally just got back from seeing a doctor who told me I might want to take a calcium supplement. Is this something vegans do that I’ve missed out on? Because everything I’ve ever read/heard is calcium won’t be a problem, you don’t need to supplement calcium.

Healthy fats tho! I was concerned about one of them omega fats, but clearly I’ve no need to worry!


The one exception though, is this one, I mean what the hell is going on with my vitamin E intake??


26%!? What am I missing? Is everyone else getting enough vitamin E and from where?? Could it be a miscalculation?

I refuse to take a supplement; I’m off to find all foods high in vitamin E, and that’s that.


…just for the record. I do take B vitamin and D. But that doesn’t count. I don’t know of any way to be vegan and get enough B12 and D soo.

8 Empties


Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray. This is obviously the perfect solution if you like cream heat protection but don’t like applying with your hands. The one thing that makes me rethink repurchasing is that it is expensive. On the other hand, I’ve had less expensive heat protection (..Lee Stafford...) that may have protected the hair from heat but probably damaged the hair. At least it seemed that way. Might be worth the money.

But for now, I’m using the REF. heat protection spray because there was a super deal on it (cost me 50 SEK, normally retails for 210 SEK, and the Maria Nila spray is about 240 SEK, just for reference). And it’s cruelty free. I basically had to buy it. Or stop using hot tools. Which will happen when all of my hair falls out.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray. Soo. Someone whose opinion I really trust when it comes to base products said this spray was bomb (her words, not mine). As of yet, I’m not quite decided. See, the bottle is only empty because the nozzle of the spray is so bad—it’s like getting spit in the face—the product itself had to go live somewhere else. In an old NYX setting spray bottle to be exact. Still trying it out. For now, not feeling super positive.

Aloe Vera Vaseline. Gawd I love this stuff but it’s not cruelty free.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. I know everyone raves about this. I don’t get it. On my skin, it’s no better than the NYX setting spray. I see no reason to buy it again. But I do hear there’s a different spray that targets oilier skin types, might be interested in that.

Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol. I got this as an introduction to retinol. So I’m supposed to move on to actual retinol. Not entirely sure I will anymore, but I’m definitely not buying this again because I don’t know what it did. If anything. I haven’t used it for a few weeks and I don’t really think my skin balance is any different.

Maria Åkerberg Hand Cream. WHY are organic products so disappointing?? This is one of the worst hand creams I’ve encountered in a while. It did more or less nothing for me. It barely moisturized. I prefer greasy Lush over this.

MUA Eye Define Nourish & Care Mascara. I see no reason to harp on about this mascara any more. You probably know this is my current favorite mascara. A new tube is waiting in my makeup drawer.

Lumene Matte Foundation. It is a damn shame there’s PFOS in this, I truly did enjoy it. Shade is right, sits well on my skin, excellent budget option. But PFOS, it’s a deal breaker.

March wrap-up

Here is one thing March’s got going for itself: daylight. The return of daylight! Happy days etc. (Look at me being all positive, carefully avoiding the zillion reasons I hate March. This March in particular.)

On my plate

Cauliflower + coconut puree. As in you take some cauliflower, give it a good cooking, drain it, let it cool just a wee bit, blend it with some full-fat coconut milk and wasabi spice and gawd it’ll lift any dish I swear! Currently really liking mixing things together to make purees and or mash type things, in general. Will the next step be learning to love soups on the regular?? Here’s hoping!

Brownies. I’ve been making batch upon batch of From My Bowl’s no bake vegan cosmic brownies. Well. A rendition of. I’m using protein powder instead of buckwheat flour, PB instead of almond butter, and I tend to base measurements depending on what I have in the house. Doesn’t seem to matter, they always come out delicious.

On my screen

Trainwreck. I was surprised at how well I liked it, considering I don’t like movies much in general. I liked the characters, the just slightly unconventional casting, how it was funny yet toned down. And I probably also liked it because judging from the movie poster, I was expecting an entirely different movie. Just happily surprised. I’d watch it again for sure.

Casey; This is where I go when I am sleeping. Casey released a new album and published this short video:

Regardless of whether you like Casey or not, it’s a treat for the eye. You could watch it with the sound off, just because it’s pretty.

Tiny houses. Fell into a hole on YouTube. Watching all sorts of compact living. Apparently I think I’m down-sizing to a showbox. Which I’m not.

In my playlist

Kathryn Joseph 💕

New Dream on Dream track Let it in. Such a well-balanced little tune. I do like it so.

Editors; Violence. Is it a grower? Is it an in-between album? Not sure! But I have been playing it.

Depeche Mode; In Your Room. Old loves die hard.

Books (re)read

Röta by Siri Pettersen. Order of preference: Röta (#2) – Kraften (#3) – Odinsbarn (#1). Could they just translate this trilogy already so that I don’t have to keep referring to them by incomprehensible Swedish titles? (PS. Please don’t call Kraften The Might. It makes my skin crawl. And unless I just don’t understand these books -at all- the might is just not a good translation.)

Us by David Nicholls. At this point, I don’t even know why I bother with new books. I could just read the same books over and over…

To be fair. I did start reading Drömmen om det röda by Nina Björk; it’s important and it’s teaching me things I want to know about, but there’s something about it that makes it difficult to read. I can’t be doing difficult to read right now, I can only do zero resistance.

Random notes

ACO dry scalp shampoo. Currently the only shampoo I dare use. Super unhappy with my set of genes because wtf, I’m taking better care of my hair than ever and this is what I get? I’ll start washing my hair more frequently again out of spite. It clearly makes no difference. Unless this is a reaction to washing hair less frequently, which seems illogical, but what do I know? Quite frankly, it all seems like guesswork to me.

Cut me hair. Or a hairdresser did, for a change. V happy with it’s bluntness, not s much the fact that it’s slightly longer in the back than in the front. I -hate- that shape on me. Didn’t realize that was the shape until I got home tho. So ja…


Hairdresser was also concerned about the amount of hair I’m losing. Which is not at all worrying.

Put my apartment up for sale. It’s going great. 🙃 🙃 🙃

Completely ignoring this fact and have started packing. I’m not happy with my ability to edit. I’m saving things just in case! Things I haven’t really used for years. Lesson: stop. buying. things. The solution is not to throw away everything you own, it’s to stop accumulating more things.

What I’m doing with all the stuff I’m packing up? Moving it to my parent’s, obviously. That way I won’t have to move all my things at once, just the things I really want/need in one go, and then I can pick the rest up whenever.

Brows are not as bad as I’ve made them out to be. I’m painting on the brows again. Like it’s 2016. Not using anything fancy, standard pomade, it’s what works best with my sparse brows. If I want to still have the option of having no brows, which I do.

But overall, I’m just not enjoying makeup right now. The base is the best it’s ever been—apparently I’ve underestimated Paula’s Choice’s Skin Balancing Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense cream, this cream + Naked Skin foundation = match made in heaven. I don’t. Even. Have. To. Blot. For 12 hours. And I’m not using a setting powder. What!? How?? Why didn’t anybody tell me? 

But the rest of it. I don’t want to wear no makeup, but I also not keen on any particular makeup (noooo, not color, noooo not a neutral look). Indecisiveness deluxe.

Monthly menstrual report

…what..? No email from Clue when the cycle ended? I’m disappointed.


A 49-day cycle is not bad. But if my cycle could be more predictable, that’d be nice. It’s kinda a requirement if you want to counteract PMS and first day of menstruation exhaustion. But yea. Not complaining. It’s been much worse than it currently is, both in terms of bleeding and PMS.

5 things I want to try

ONE. The lentil soup mentioned in this post

Nu finns en ny 🌱VEGETARISK 300-KRONORSVECKA 🌱 uppe på hemsidan. Svajpa så får du se några av rätterna på denna vecka. Åh så svårt att välja favoriter men om jag måste? Okej då blir det kokos-och spenatgrytan, potatispizzan och sen älskar jag även paprikasåsen med champinjoner. Tre favoriter är väl okej va? Hela listan med recept och inköpslista finner du på hemsidan som sagt (länk i profil) och jaaa en kan va cheap även om det inte är januari 🌏🙏🌱. Ps! Ikväll är det Cook-a-long. Jag ska rensa skafferi och kyl och göra linsbiffar och kommer ev att trixa till dem lite. Sitter på tåg och det är försenat så kommer vilja laga nåt som är asgott och cheap och ja det blir det. Kl 20 om du vill kolla! 🙏🌱🌏❤️😎 #staycheap #cookalong #cheaphelaåret #yeah

A post shared by Portionen Under Tian™️ (@portionenundertian) on

I’m obsessed with Portionen under tian; it’s my main food inspo at the moment. I want to try all of the recipes! While the #staycheap is all good and well, I just really like the recipes, good flavor and easy to make.

TWO. A resistance band workout

I’ve done resistance band workouts before, but I not with this type resistance band. Until now I’ve just been scrolling past all workouts if this type, but Rachel Aust somehow made me kinda interested in trying it out.

THREE. NYX brow pomade

While pomade is definitely my thing, I feel as if the shade currently in my possession is just a tad too cool for me.

Yes. I’m back on brows. Because if there is one thing I like it’s to change things up.

Just bordel de merde that I forgot to pick it up when I walked past H&M.

FOUR. Boot storage

I’ve been looking for good boot storage ideas for ages, this is the first thing that just looks so promising! And I can’t give it a go until I move. NGH!

FIVE. New wine


I picked up this wee bottle at random. It’s Italian? I’ve got literally no complaints; not addictive like some sauvignon blancs, but you know, for a pick me up on a Tuesday evening, just about bloody perfect. V happy just having the one glass with dinner.

But yea. Bit anonymous for sure. Also, no screw cork, but whyyyy etc.

Meanwhile; I’ve packed up all of my wine glasses but one. Because apparently I’m optimistic like that.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.

Saker man gör när det är lugnt på jobbet

Söker en utbildning!?

Hittade 26 st kurser på max 50%, IT-distans (dvs. utan träffar) som på ett eller annat sätt caught my eye, bl.a.:

Söka utbildning 1.png

Men mest sugen är jag på:Söka utbildning 2

FISKFYSIOLOGI! Alltså jag kan väl omöjligen ens vara behörig?

…kan eventuellt vara så att jag inte ens kollat behörighet utan bara plockat kurser som om ingen antagning i Sverige har bättre saker för sig än att kontrollera behörighet på ej seriösa sökande. If that makes me evil, so be it.

OKok, jag hittade EN kurs jag är seriöst intresserad av:

Söka utbildning 3Språkrådgivning och textvård. Brukar vara supersvårt att komma in på språkvård-kurser, och kanske inte helt säker på att jag skulle läsa den även om jag är intresserad och mot all förmodan skulle komma in.

Men ändå.

Ska också leta reda på alla kontakt-adresser och fråga alla lärosäten jag sökt till otroligt korkade frågor i stil med “jag uppfyller inte behörigheten men jag JÄTTEDUKTIG kan inte jag få läsa ändå!?!” eller “jättesnabb fråga [hel roman följer]” ELLER kanske bara fråga vad grundläggande behörighet är. Bara för att försäkra mig om att de vet. Å! Eller kanske fråga om jag kan få tillgodoräkna mig 30 hp genusvetenskap för att bli behörig till FISKFYSIOLOGI. (F.k. man tillgodoräknar inte poäng för att bli behörig. Fråga aldrig någon om det.)

Ej att förglömma: inte skriva under med namn eller annan identifikator.

Sak jag på riktigt borde engagera mig i: varför heter våra kurser Världens längsta jävla harang GR (A), 7,5 hp med alla andra lärosäten har korta och lätta att komma ihåg benämningar som Digital bildbehandling? Vad är det är fel på oss??

Also. Hur finns det ingen kurs i mens? Jag vill ha en kurs i mens. Den skulle jag läsa, 100% på riktigt!


Currently Reading Tag

How many books do you usually read at once?

I try to read just one at a time, it’s not going great. Usually, I’ve got around three books going at a time.

If you’re reading more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch books?

I switch between them depending on mood and/or where I am. If I’m bringing a book, I’ll bring the lightest one, which sometimes means ebook or audiobook.

Do you ever switch bookmarks while you’re partway through a book?

What? Why would I do that? Admittedly I have an entire box of bookmarks so that would be a way to use them all. But no. I don’t do that.

Where do you keep the book(s) you’re currently reading?

Online/by my armchair/on a shelf. I.e. I’ve got one ebook going, it’s via the library, I’ve got one that I’ve been reading this weekend, it’s by the armchair where I read, I’ve got one that I’ve put on a shelf, oh, and I’ve also got one on a chest of drawers. They’re all in the same room, just scattered.

What time of day do you spend the most time reading?

I mostly read at night, except for weekends, I’ll read throughout the day.

How long do you typically read in one sitting?

I struggle with sitting still so not that long. If I can manage 30 minutes then that’s great.

Do you read hardbacks with the dust jacket on or off?

Depends if it’s in the way or not. But mostly on. It doubles as bookmark soo..

What position do you mainly use to read?

Sitting? I really like sitting in my armchair (cross-legged or legs pulled up underneath me, because apparently I’m a child). What I really don’t like is lying down, which is probably the main reason I don’t read in bed.

Do you take the book you’re currently reading with you everywhere you go?

Nope, no. If I’m in the middle of reading something I can just leave the book at home and go away for a few days. I’m not that attached to books.

How often do you update your Goodreads progress on the book you’re currently reading?

I’m a terrible GoodReads user, if I can manage to update when I’ve finished a book then that’s great (…favorite expression much?). I’m far better at updating Clue.

Endless blog challenge

Amy at Curiouser and curiouser did the Currently Reading Tag a while back. Let’s do that!


How many books do you usually read at once?

If you’re reading more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch books?

Do you ever switch bookmarks while you’re partway through a book?

Where do you keep the book(s) you’re currently reading?

What time of day do you spend the most time reading?

How long do you typically read in one sitting?

Do you read hardbacks with the dust jacket on or off?

What position do you mainly use to read?

Do you take the book you’re currently reading with you everywhere you go?

How often do you update your Goodreads progress on the book you’re currently reading?