What’s in my bag; gym to work edition

Recently I had to admit defeat and get myself a backpack for my Friday workout sessions. With all the stuff I apparently feel I need, carrying around a bag was killing my shoulders.

Let’s have a look at the content shall we:

what's in my bag

I need: shampoo, conditioner, day cream, shower gel, earrings, lotion, towel, face gel, hair products, Läkerol, alcogel, keys, card, phone, pen, Alvedon, lots of hair pins, plasters, hair clips, liquid liner, Majestic Mauve, hair spray, tangler teaser, two pairs of headphones (..might have to rethink that…), charger, lip balm, tea (herbals really, except for the lemon Twinings hiding in the back), outfit for work, hand lotion, tampons, Vaseline, gum, piles of makeup and brushes.

Might have forgotten a few things. Fortunately they fit quite comfortably in my bag too.

2016-04-14 15.34.39.jpg

Conclusion: need to improve my packing skills. Possibly also become a minimalist.

Exhaustedly yours,

signatur 1

PS. I used to bring straightener and volume master so at least I’m making some sort of progress.


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