Back on track with Spotify

Spotify did good this week.

I was starting to despair, weeks and week and more weeks of just useless recommendations (Papa Roach AGAIN? You don’t suppose I could be avoiding them on purpose?) – not only bands I already know of, but bands that are so predictable that without ever having heard them before I could guess what singer was going to sound like. The fact that I also knew it was not my taste didn’t exactly improve matters. All and all, it made me want to shout DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME AT ALL?!??!!

Taste in music – I take it very seriously.

But then, spend a few hours listening to Gone with the Wind on repeat and Spotify catches on to what your likes are. I’m guessing.

While the playlist as a whole was very listenable, absolute standouts for me are Annisokay and Landscapes.

Annisokay appears to be a German band. Annisokey + Burning Down Alaska makes me wonder what’s going on in Germany. About time for obsessive listening to bands from Germany, again, maybe?

Landscapes reminds me of There is a hell believe me I’ve seen it. There is a heaven let’s keep it a secret. I am so in love with that sound.

So that + Dissolve by Being as an Ocean and Lionheart by Bury Tomorrow will get me through the week.

I hope. They’re making a good effort to drown me in translation work.

Lots of love,

signatur 1

PS. I’m not complaining. Not really. Spotify is spoiling us rotten. Just think of pre-Spotify. I would have been absolutely thrilled to find a new band that I actually liked every few months. Not to mention in the days of CDs. If you bought it you had to listen to it, didn’t matter if you liked it or not.


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