Hair rescue plan

My hair is in dire need of some TLC. It’s so brittle I’m at the risk of getting an unintentional haircut. As if intentional haircuts weren’t bad enough.

I’ve been hoping that coming off Cerazette would magically heal my hair. Cerazette managed to turn my once combination skin into proper dry skin, maybe it was messing with my hair too? Of course, my gynecologist doubted any dryness, anywhere, as a result of the hormones. I’m not sure I trust my gynecologist anymore. This idea, I got it from the woman who did my smear test, it wasn’t my own invention. Also. My skin is back to its normal combination self, so that would suggest she was right, unfortunately, my hair remains unaffected.

Clearly, other measures need to be taken.

I have been overusing the hot tools, I know that, but lately, as in the last year or so, I’ve used them less than half as often as I used to. And I’ve been using heat protection from the start. In addition, I don’t blow-dry, barely use a hairbrush, I don’t even towel dry, I don’t over-wash (anymore), and I always use conditioner, hair mask, and shampoo for dry and/or damaged hair. The extreme dryness that is my hair just doesn’t make sense to me.

WAS TUN!?!  as Blixa would say.  

Obviously, you devise a rescue plan.

Rescue plan for dry and brittle hair

  1. Get your hair cut by professional. With any luck, you’ll get a lecture and won’t have to make up your own plan. I was not that lucky. In fact I’m never that lucky. I’m guessing because the hairdresser just takes a look at my hair and thinks Dear oh dear what a sorry state we’re in, there’s just no saving this? Anyway. Good news is: despite not having cut my hair for 6 months, no split ends; my hair is just exceptionally dry and brittle. Swell.
  2. Update your shampoo + conditioner. Clearly, what I was using was not working. The hairdresser recommended Disp hydrating shampoo + conditioner. Bought and tried – it does seem better than my previous combination. And as a bonus, it’s cruelty-free.disp hydrating
  3. Stock up on treatments. I’ve got a leave-in treatment from Urtekram, a different leave-in treatment for hair growth from Lee Stafford (can’t see any ingredient list on the bottle so I’m not actually sure this will do me any good, but I’ll give it a go), and I need to get a new hair mask because I’m nearly out of the Maria Nila. Might just get the Disp argan oil. And surely, the Lush R n B is basically a treatment?hair treatment
  4. Get a wooden brush/comb. I’ve been suspecting that the tangle teezer is doing my hair no good at all. Why? Because of the plastic. Which produces static – which I’m thinking is not good for hair that is already dry.wooden brush
  5. Get hair elastics that do as little damage to the hair as possible. If I’m not going to use hot tools I need to at least be able to put my hair up, so I got some Blax hair elastics.Blax
  6. Review diet. I’m on a vegan diet and I’ve been excluding most fats. I’ve never liked fats much, with the exception of PB – which I love. It’s an unhealthy kind of love so I don’t keep PB in the house. Mostly. Conclusion: I need to reintroduce fats. 50 grams of nuts/seeds a day should do the trick.nuts and seeds
  7. Use styling products in moderation. The woman who cut my hair said it was fine to use products, just avoid the hot tools. But I’m not entirely convinced. A lot of the products have alcohol in them, don’t they? Can’t possibly be good for dry hair?

If this doesn’t work, I’ll blame the hard water and move. To a different city.

And once I’ve moved I’ll come to realize it’s a result of my PCO. I assume.

Reasonably yours,

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