Plantronics bluetooth earbuds

3 reasons I’m not madly in love with Plantronics Bluetooth earbuds

The fit is terrible. I was hoping it was something you’d get used to. A month in and I’m hating them more than ever. Not only do they chafe, they have tendency to fall out of my ears. Unacceptable. (Aren’t they usually marketed as perfect for exercise? What
type of exercise would that be? The being still kind of exercise?)

They can only connect to one device (??!!??). I did manage to connect them to my phone and my iPad when I bought them. But now they just won’t connect to any device other than my phone. It’s sometimes a struggle to get them to connect to my phone too. Or make them disconnect for that matter. They just randomly reconnect after I’ve told them to disconnect. That’s. Great.

Four and a half hours of battery life. That will barely get me through the morning. To be fair, that is a spec I could have checked before I bought them. But who needs headphones you can use for less than eight hours?? I don’t even have playlists as short as four and a half hours.

And it seemed like such a good idea at the time. No more fighting with headphone wires. Minor problem compared to this.

Rant over.

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