Let’s talk eyebrows

Unlike most people who grew up in the 90s, I don’t regret my overplucked eyebrows. Actually, I lean more towards no eyebrows than thick eyebrows. It is possible I’ve watched too much Manson. He was quite handsome when he had no brows.

Mostly, before I reach for that razor, I realize that

a) I’m not Marilyn Manson
b) I’m not even goth, or belong to any such subculture

and I just have to stop thinking about not having brows at all.

Thin brows work for me. Which is fortunate, because at this point there’s no other option. If there ever was. They were probably always sparse. Probably. I can’t remember that far back in time.

Another reason to not hate on the thin brow is that it’s quite versatile. You could easily fake no brows, if that’s your fancy, and, though not quite as easily, fake a thick brow. It can be done, but you’re not going to end up with the perfection that is Diamanda’s brows. Could be they’re a thing of the 80s anyway, could be not even Diamanda have these brows anymore, and anyway, it was never within the possibilities of your body.

Diamanda Galas
Diamanda Galás

Clearly, Diamanda was not what we aspired to in the 90s. Not sure what we were going for with the thin brows, was it Robin Finck ca 1994?

The Finck

In which case, who could blame us?

For the moment, there is just one thing I aspire to, in terms of brows: an exaggerated arch. The bolder the arch the better. Thick or thin brow – egal. Equally egal; color or tool used to try to convince your brow of a certain shape. Always put on makeup according to mood, that’s the one rule I go by. Which, by the way, is an excellent rule if you want your makeup routine to be the exact opposite of speedy.

Current state of brows: the more surprised you look, the better

Not that I’m sure why I care about brows at all; I’m as likely to have my fringe cover my brows as not. Clearly, despite everything, I take comfort in knowing they’re there?


signatur 1

PS. Can’t stop wanting my hair to do what Diamanda’s hair does on that picture. My hair remains unconvinced. It could be argued that “without fame, this hair just looks like mental illness” . Yes. And? Is that not how we try to make people stay away?


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