I stumbled on this quote in my social feed this morning:

Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.

Tagged as GRLPWR.

I’m confused.

I mean this text, it’s basically saying that women are the problem. As per usual. And this is what GRLPWR is? Pointing out women are wrong and need to change?

I also have a number of other issues with this text.

a) What do you mean our generation? And what do you mean “trying to prove”? There is nothing to prove. Women can and are doing what men do. We know of no limits. Didn’t you know?

b) Our uniqueness? And what exactly is this uniqueness, pray tell? I’m assuming it’s something innate? In which case, how can we lose it? And if not, then it’s something we’ve been taught, and if we can learn, I’m pretty sure men can too, so why do we need to be responsible for this supposed uniqueness, whatever it is? Can’t we just let some people be in charge of the uniqueness, on a voluntary basis, and regardless of gender? Do you suppose it could be done? Could we maybe look beyond gender for once??

b) What we were created to do? I must have been sick on the day they told us about this. Because I don’t know what this is. “[W]hat a man can’t do” is just not going to cut it as explanation. And I want proof; I want to see the piece of paper that says what it is exactly we were created to do. I also want a convincing argument as to why I should settle for whatever that is.

Maybe it’s vaguely phrased on purpose, i.e. if we do baking, men can’t do baking, and vice versa. So basically it’s just a way to make sure the world of men and the world of women stay separated. In which case I want to know who benefits from this division. Because I’m pretty sure the answer is not humanity.

d) What about men? I’d like to know what men were created to do. Seriously. What is their purpose? And also, very important, are they retaining their uniqueness? Is it just slipping out of their hands too? Should we worry??

I’m not going to ask if they’re doing everything a woman can’t do, because I know that as a general rule, they’re trying their hardest. Go men?

I would have thought this is not GRLPWR. I would call this misdirection. It’s a distraction from the actual issue at hand. The number one strategy of anti-feminists. Understandable, it’s clearly very effective.

But what do I know, maybe I’m just confusing GRLPWR with feminism?

Aren’t we done with focusing on women already? Isn’t time for a different approach? Maybe there is something else to focus on? Maybe the problem is not women?

It’s just a thought.

If you feel this quote is empowering, well then good for you, I don’t want to take that away from you. But from where I’m standing this is an insult. Where do you get off from thinking you can call us a problem, telling us we’ve got limits, that we should know our place?

Note to self: start day by reading Beauvoir, not social feed.

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