hand luggage

What’s in my bag; hand luggage edition

I wish this was going to be one of those “How to pack”-type entries. It is not.

Unfortunately for me, I am a complete mess when it comes to packing. And my packing skills, they are not improving with age. Doesn’t matter how many how-to-pack videos I watch.

I got back from a long weekend in Brighton on Monday, and my hand luggage is heavier than my suitcase. Which is. Great.

I am well aware of my lack of skills when it comes to packing, so I prepared for this by getting a bigger bag. It could be argued that this is a mistake; if you tend to pack a lot of things, you’ll just pack even more things if you have a bigger bag. Knowing this, a backpack is a requirement. Because that is an aspect in life where I’m actually practical. Best way to carry a heavy bag is on your back. (Hello miss stating the obvious.)

Let’s look at the most important things first:

hand luggage

Bluetooth speaker, headphones and iPad. Because you need to be listening to the new Architects record and watch Vikings. If only that was all I packed.

hand luggage

This is where it gets out of hand. I have no sense at all when it comes to packing makeup. Literally none. I’ve brought pretty much every one of my brushes, piles of eye shadows, highlighters, powder, eyebrow products..and more than one primer, mascara, and eyeliner. I need. Help. Or holy grails? Probably both.

Usually, I put an extra outfit in my hand luggage. Except for that time I went to Berlin when they lost my luggage. Learned my lesson then. But as this is unpacking when I got back, all clothes are in my suitcase. Might be two exceptions. For example, I do like to bring a scarf, since I’m always cold (that’s that black thing there. I’m pretending I only brought the one scarf).

hand luggage

Oh. And there’s more makeup. Also, two copies of the latest Architects record. I have no idea why they’re in my hand luggage. A) Got them for free. I went to the album release show (this is obvious, right? why else would I be going to Brighton?) and you basically got a record with your ticket. It’s like getting paid to go to a show. I almost feel bad about it. Oh, and I have two copies because the person I went with didn’t want his. Clearly he’s not right in the head. Point is, they were free; I could get another if they got lost/broken. B) I don’t even have any device to play them on. Not set up anyway. My CD-player lives in my wardrobe. Definitely didn’t bring a device to play CDs on. Bottom line: I make sense.

The sunglasses are in my hand luggage because I figured they might break in my suitcase. I didn’t bring four pairs; I bought three pairs in Brighton, out of which two are for me. So I guess that means I’m planning on being out in the sun?

Despite the fact that I should not be using heat on my hair I did bring a straightener. My excuse was I was only going to use it on my fringe. I did not use it on my fringe only. I used it on all the hair. Because the UK and my hair don’t get along well.

I feel like excuses is something I’m quite good at.

hand luggage

And there is more. It’s as if it never ends. Some of these things are actually necessary. Obviously the passport, wallet, cardigan…earplugs are literally only useful for concerts. I’ve tried to use them to shut out the snoring of the person I share the hotel room with. Does not. Work. At all. Ever. There is basically just one thing that works: good earbuds + heavy music. Architects is perfect. Just a wall of sound; it’s brilliant. And then you’ll fall asleep dreaming that you can’t talk and you can’t hear anyone in your dreams. Not sure if it’s scary or fun.

Should I point out there is a second pair of headphones here? There’s a second pair of headphones. I have literally no excuse. I guess I just like having choices. But not making choices.

I want to talk about the book. I bring my iPad because it does many things; I’ve got books on it if I feel like reading. And that’s a big if, I haven’t finished a single book all year.

Now. If you are traveling with a person who can’t pack like a sensible person to save her life, don’t bring her a book at the airport. Just don’t. In fact, don’t bring a book to anyone on a trip unless you’ve checked with the person first. I feel like a bitch for complaining about being given something. But a book is the last thing I need. Especially when traveling. Especially since I have plenty to read already. As I’ve gotten nowhere with my reading all year.

To sum up: I fail at making choices, which leads to nonsensical packing.

It is also possible I don’t feel too bad about it. I like all my things. Minimalism is not in my future.


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