Reading draught over?

I have finally finished reading Philippa Gregory’s The Other Queen. I’ve been reading it since February; it’s the second book I’ve finished this year. Absolutely abysmal progress for being me; I didn’t study literature at uni for nothing.

I’m writing it off as reading draught, I just haven’t felt like reading. Not books anyway.

Far be it from me to blame a book for this, but The Other Queen is not the best book I’ve ever read. Normally, I would have put it aside, or at least started reading another book on the side, but I didn’t. Obsessed with Mary Queen of Scots, I just really wanted to finish it. But the fact is, this isn’t my kind of book. I like books where the writer has spent time working with the language; I want books to read like poetry. Or at the very least, I don’t want to spend each chapter wondering who the hell the narrator is this time. Which I did, I kept having to go back to the title of the chapter to see who was speaking. I would like to claim that a good writer would be able to give each narrator its own unique voice, you shouldn’t have to rely on the title for information.

I’m sure there are people who enjoy this type of writing, unfortunately for me I’m not one of them. I want more fiction (disregard for actual events please! see Reign), prettier language, possibly a shorter book? What I take with me from this reading experience: just put the book aside next time. It is not a strategy to be frowned upon.

I was planning on starting to read the book my friend bestowed upon me when we went to Brighton, Monster by A. Lee Martinez. And I will. But Nick Cave‘s The Death of Bunny Munro has been on my mind, I need to read it. Despite the fact that I have already read it and as I recall, it was kind of on the vile side?

I did  actually read the first few pages already and MY GOD, I had completely forgotten reading could be easy and enjoyable. Reading draught over then?

Just need to remember to stay away from books that are simply not for me. Regardless of content. I’m more a form than content kind of gal.


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