Reading list

Because my reading seems to be back on track, I figured I was due for some book shopping. This arrived in the mail yesterday:


As per usual, my book purchases are not the most thought through, which is sometimes good and sometimes, not so much.

Rainbow Rowell Komma framWhile I realize that this is a translation of Landline I must have temporarily forgot that I don’t generally get along well with translations. I’ve become extremely critical, I’d say it was a result of being able to “leave work at home”, but I was critical before I even got my degree. And even though I know exactly how difficult translation is. I picked this particular book because a. it was on sale b. I’ve been wanting to read something by Rainbow Rowell.

Karolina Ramqvist Flickvännen [The Girlfriend]. Now this I got right. I really liked Ramqvist’s Alltings början [How it all started, well, that’s how I’d translate it anyway], and I’ve been wanting to read something else by her for a whileI’ve read a preview and it got good reviews so I’m really looking forward to this read.

Mhari McFarlane Det är inte jag det är du [It’s not me it’s you]. In my defense, even though I don’t particularly enjoy translations, I should be reading translations. Theoretically, it should make me better at my work. Now, if only uni staff could write texts with the same readability index, it might also work in practice. So why did I pick this book? Again on sale, but also ‘Oo, Scottish romance, must read’.

Roxane Gay Bad Feminist. Now this is confusing. This also a translation. But for whatever reason they’ve selected to retain the English title. This choice overshadows the content of the book, I am dying to read this as a translation and see if I can figure out what is behind this choice. I’m not promising that I’ll change my mind. Because, obviously, I’ve already decided they’re wrong. Unless they’re referring to a text or some shape or form called Bad feminist. In which case, shame on me for not knowing about it?

Anna Lawstadius Larsson Räfvhonan [I’m sure any attempt at a translation of this title requires being familiar with the content of the book]. I don’t know this author, and I’m only vaguely aware of the story of the book. Apparently, it’s 1810, there’s a fire and a queen on the run. Well. That’s all you really need to know, isn’t it? I just hope it’s not narrated like the Philippa Gregory novel. Not that there’s anything wrong with Philippa Gregory, I’ve enjoyed her work in the past. I just didn’t get along with The Other Queen, mainly because of the narration.

But first, I going to finish reading the Anthony Kiedis bio, which, if you haven’t read it already I highly recommend. If you’re into the musician bio type genre. Possibly even if you’re not; it is really well written, such a pleasure to read. And I love how Kiedis’ voice comes through in the text, there is no doubt who’s telling this story.



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