H&M haul

♥ H&M

There’s nothing like a little trip to H&M to brighten up a rainy day. Especially if you find that your local H&M suddenly stocks NYX. I did not think it was possible for me to love H&M any more. I was wrong. I mean I was all over Helsinki, not to mention I even braved Stockholm city on my way to Helsinki, looking for NYX. Did find the NYX stand in Helsinki, but they were all out of what I was looking for. H&M is admittedly getting there (they were out of a lot of the things) but I did manage to get a few bits, both NYX and otherwise:


  1. Tea cup I have absolutely no need for. But there’s cats on it! I couldn’t resist.
  2. Been looking for the NYX liquid suede in Sandstorm, and it’s every bit as good as I hoped. Also got the shade Stone fox, thinking it’d be a dark grey, for some reason, it is definitely blue tho. Not to worry! I will find a use for it. I mean it’s blue, not some boring shade.
  3. New pair of tights. Since they changed the control top I’m trying a different type, the comfortable waist band, have such high hopes. I live in the control tops and the new type just does not cut it.
  4. Obsessed with boxes! Had to get this little metal one, it was on sale and if it were any cheaper it’d be free.
  5. Brush cleaner. As one needs. They packaged it well tho. Can’t figure out how to break it out of the plastic yet. Scissors are probably called for.
  6. NYX shadow. Not at all the color it looked like in the store, but fine.
  7. Shower cream. Smells like bergamott. I.e. tea. Mmm.
  8. NYX eyeshadow quad. Orange! Red! And matte! I’m really struggling to find me some good mattes in this goddamn country (no I don’t want to order them online). Looking forward to wearing these even tho I don’t really think they’re my colors.
  9. NYX jumbo eye pencil – already tried this since buying it, and I’m sad to say it creases. Boo. The color was great and it would have been a simple way to get some color on your lids.
  10. NYX lipliner. Nude shade. Not sure why I thought I needed it. My nudes don’t bleed much. But I guess just in case.

Glass of Sauvignon blanc and what more do you need for a good Saturday?

Lots of love,

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