dustin kensrue

Playlist of the day

Sometimes I become obsessed with a song and I’ll listen to it on repeat for hours. Current obsession: Carry the Fire by Dustin Kensrue. Yes. I’ve got a hang-up on this man’s voice. It’ll pass. Eventually.

While I could listen to Carry the Fire for hours on repeat, I’ve opted for a slightly less insane strategy: I’ve based a short playlist around the song. This is my usual playlist strategy, I’ll take one song and add songs that in my mind go with this song; I rarely make playlists shorter than a workday (i.e. 8 hours). But this way I figure I’ll get a good dose of the song, while at least pretending to not be a total fangirl (although I’m not sure why that’s a goal?).

Playlist of the day:


To be fair, the Amity Affliction tracks, could also go on repeat for hours.

What’s your playlist strategy?

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1 thought on “Playlist of the day”

  1. […] soundtrack: In This Moment. On Monday I decided enough is enough, I cannot be listening to the Carry the Fire playlist for another week. It’s not fair to the other songs. I picked out my favorite In This Moment […]



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