Sunday 7

I figured I would make the weekly summary, well, a weekly thing. Seven things summing up my week:

  1. Friday was last day of work before vacation; yes I am now officially on vacation (inofficially, I’ve been on vacation for a while now). Also last day working at this particular campus; new office + new city come fall. Same old job tho. So looking forward to that. Approx 2 hours of commute as opposed to a 10-min walk. Such fun! 1468742816836With the exception of picking up a book at the library tomorrow, I haven’t got a single thing planned all summer and I feel pretty darn good about it.
  2. I’ve been wearing a new pair of running shoes (obvs not for running, they’re for all the walking I do), bought out of sheer panic and without thinking. Except for BLACK, give me BLACK SHOES, that was the one thought I had. It seems to have turned out real well!?! They brag that they feel like walking barefoot, and they do! In the best possible way. 1468742963029Ah yes, despite being black these shoes are basically an abomination.
  3. Got tickets to see Burning Down Alaska! V. v. excited, not least because of this song:
    I’ve currently got a period of 7 days in November that is looking completely unreal in terms of shows. Let’s get this summer over and done with!
  4. In case you haven’t noticed: I’m getting back to being excited about books again. I’ve set myself up for a reading challenge and stocked up on a few more books. Much needed!1468746330461
  5. Wish you all could read this article over at Fett Magazine; it’s hilarious, clever and true. It’s basically a response to any text telling us we need to lose weight for summer. In the article, the writer illustrates the stupidity of the how-lose-weight by providing us with instructions as to how to avoid losing weight, avoid activity and anything that could be considered exercise; it’s a call to crush the industry feeding off our insecurities. Just ♥♥♥
  6. Saturday: road trip. In case you didn’t know, there’s lots of trees and nature around these parts. Also: close encounter with 2 moose.1468696096124
  7. Fave purchase, this here choker from ASOS:1468742916725


How was your week?



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