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The Popsugar reading challenge: an autobiography

I love spending time in the world of Antony Kiedis. No it’s not the first time I’ve read Scar Tissue. Maybe third? First time was when I lived in Largs (Scotland), first book I picked up from their little library – absolutely thrilled because I was in the middle of a raging Red Hot Chili Peppers obsession at the time.

I’ve since bought the paperback – which is why I’m pretty sure I’ve read this particular copy once before, making it a total of 3 reads. It doesn’t look like I’ve read it more than once anyway. I break the backs of paperbacks to let myself know which books I’ve read and which I haven’t.

I realize some people have problems with this book. There’s a whole lot of drugs in it. This is not a concern I have because a. it was clearly a great part of his life; what’s he supposed to do? Lie? Not that I’m against lying, as long as it makes a good story, but that’s beside the point, b. the drugs do make for an excellent red thread running through the book. Plus, I like stories about people who make choices that perhaps aren’t smart, that maybe isn’t the right choice, people who mess up, are messed up – and I don’t even care if things work out. I don’t want to read about people doing the right thing. Does anyone? Does that even make a story?

That being said, it does get just a little tedious when he still hasn’t gotten sober by Californication, but you know, that is his story. Deal or read something else. Actually, I always forget just how much drugs are in this book. What I, however, frequently think of is a much shorter passage where he goes to the jungle, and as you would imagine, things do not go well: 1468777628471

Neither of this is why I’ve read this book more than once. And it’s not because The Peppers are my favorite band, (they’re not, and that’s never a reason to love a book, as I’ve found out, unfortunately). I’m just a sucker for readability and good use of words, which I find this is. May be subject to taste I suppose.

In general, I am a fan of biographies, musician biographies in particular. Undoubtedly because I listen to a lot of music. Watch a lot of videos and interviews, and have been for a very, very long time now. I like it how these different media types give you a different perspective of the same story. It’s like consuming a very strange series consisting of a number of different media.

What I have a slight problem with, and what makes reading a bit of a struggle, in my opinion, is Kiedis’ view of women. Basically, his view of women is similar to my view of lipsticks. Oo. Pretty. Must have. That’s objectification for you. So tiresome and old. But then, what would you expect? Some things are just endlessly expected.

By the way, this isn’t a review, just a few random thoughts. If you want a review, there’s already more than enough. GoodReads is an excellent source, for example.

So that’s the second book of the reading challenge completed; I’ve started on the third book, which is the a book and its prequel category. I’m reading Johanna Nilsson’s Det grönare djupet (The greener depth), followed by Karin Boye’s Kallocain, because I’m being kinda liberal in my interpretation of what this category means.



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