Sunday 7

Seven things summing up my week:

Had a sudden case of Manson obsession. I blame my Pinterest feed for randomly reminding me of funny/clever things Manson’s said. Spent all Monday listening to Manson, Manson and more Manson (bit of Amity Affliction thrown in for good measure of course). Changed all my electronic device backdrops to this face:1468844068062.jpg

Pretty. Ja? (Highly rhetorical question.)

Changed my blog layout. Cause of much frustration. Thought it had to do with my lack of coding skills and was all prepared to enroll in a course until lugn och fin explained that is how we all feel trying to change the blog layout. Haven’t entirely abandoned maybe needing to acquire new skills one way or another, but I take some comfort in knowing it’s not just me.

Peanut butter obsession back with a vengeance. Could live off of this stuff.


Got some good use of all of my shorts. As it’s summer. And it is hot. Lived and died in black, loose-fitting tops, H&M leggings + shorts. final1469386101794 (1).jpg

So completely in love with the H&M shorts that I bought another pair on Friday + am considering getting a white pair as well. Apparently I’m under the impression that I’m some sort of Dave Gahan ca 1988/Martin Gore hybrid and can actually pull that off.

Fucked up my leg and haven’t been able to walk properly all week. It’s a tradition. I do it every year. I cannot do any type exercise in moderation, so I always end up hurting myself. I usually last until the end of the summer tho, so new record. Go me.

Visited sister in her new apartment over the weekend. She has the best view. She’s got three cats spying at her from that top balcony (below). And three cats on the balcony below her. I am green with envy.


Impressed myself by hemming not only one but two whole dresses. They’ve needed hemming for literally years; kept procrastinating. Because that is just how much I dislike hemming. So basically, my vacation has not been a waste; I can do absolutely fuck all the remaining weeks and still feel pretty good about it. Because I have hemmed two dresses.

How was your week?


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