Does this read pretty to you?

You know that “thank god, it’s not just me” feeling? Isn’t it just about the best feeling?

Last night, while aimlessly roaming the internet, I came across I’m not pretty and I’m fine with that over at V. v. unexpected. Gives me hope for mankind. I mean, I thought they were all about the pretty, but lo and behold; feminist awareness! Honestly, if you’re going to read one article this week, let it be this one. It has put me in a fabulous mood for sure, because thank god, it’s not just me!

Actually, in my case, I’m fine with that, doesn’t quite cover it. I actively steer away from pretty; it simply does not interest me. Never has. Example: when first starting to use makeup I’d use eyeliner only. Black. All. Over. My. Lid. That really hasn’t changed all that much:

eyeliner, im doing it right

You don’t do that to be pretty; I’m sure we all know that, there are others, however, that seem to be confused.

Given my interest in makeup and dresses, I suppose you could be under the impression that pretty is something I take interest in. But there is nothing inherently pretty in either; it’s a matter of how you do it. Once, random guy on bus told me that I’d be pretty if I didn’t use so much makeup. Me: Well that’s the whole point! And then I put on some more makeup. Just to prove my point. I’d made my face even paler than it naturally is, my lips so dark red a shade darker would have been black, and, obviously, a ton of black eyeliner on top of that. In addition to which my hair was black and teased into a rat’s nest. You think I’m going for pretty? In hindsight, I should probably have been clearer; he was obviously not the sharpest of knives.

In my world, not being pretty; it’s not an insult. Quite the opposite. Apparently, that has to be said.


Anyone else?


signatur 1

2 thoughts on “Does this read pretty to you?”

  1. Word! Och så slänger jag in lite Warsan Shire för att jag ser chansen:

    “It’s not my responsibility to be beautiful. I’m not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me.”
    ― Warsan Shire

    PS Igår började storebror tjafsa med rasistkusinen (förutsätter att du vet vem jag menar) på FB, och han slängde sig med ord som heteronormativitet. Who’d have seen that coming?! *stolt* (Rasistkusinen var upprörd över att ett samkönat par ska/har flyttat in i Bamses by…)

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