Distracted by a NYX quad

I’ve been watching a lot of Drew Barrymore lately, inevitably strumbling on this video where she shows how to do 90s makeup, which was exactly what I was planning.

And then I forgot all about it because it was early and pretty colors will have me distracted any time. O, I dare say that is a pretty red.

nyx quad

A NYX full throttle quad. Just lying around. I’m sure you could use this for a 90s make, but not the way Drew does it, not the way I was planning. I don’t see this quad and think 90s make. I see this quad and I think Mm. Pretty. (Could be we already established that…) If I think at all.

This little quad is in no way my colors, but oh do I love it. The colors do the work for you. All you have to do is apply as I’m sure is intended:

The lightest shade goes in the inner corners of the eyes + under the eyebrow. The orange shade goes in the crease, blending it up towards the eyebrow and the red all over the lid, and the rusty color goes under the eye, blend it all together making sure to get rid of any sharp edges. 

It’s the same way I do the sunset makeup, but this reads more like fire. Like so:


Goes with everything, obviously. But I cannot wait for my hair to grow just a bit more; we seem to be in complete agreement that Medusa, that is the look for me! Fire eyes and Medusa hair, what more could you possibly want?


signatur 1


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