Last day of vacay; Celebrating with a PJ Harvey inspired look

You know that MUA Poptastic palette I used recently for the Ursula look? Bit obsessed with it. I’ve been eyeing the green/blue shade in the palette; I don’t think these shades have names, but if I was going to name it, I’d call it mermaid for sure.

This is the one, bottom left (obviously used):


In my mind, this color corresponds brilliantly to the one used by PJ Harvey in the 90s, you know, this one:

PJ Harvey makeup 90s

I’ve also been wanting to try a look with an application similar to what Graveyard Goddess used in one of her looks; just basically lots of red shadow all over the eye area up to brow + under eye with no eyebrows, no eyeliner. Two birds one stone?



The shade has excellent pigmentation. Truly! That’s like two layers of shadow. Not at all the case for a few of the other shades in the palette. It just applies so well.
Felt kind of naked without the liner, it had to go on. No liner is probably better with a darker shade.
The lipstick, IsaDora in Majestic Mauve, and the color of the shade; I love them together. This way of applying eyeshadow though, not sure it’s my cup of tea. But then again, maybe with a different color?

I’m really starting to warm up to the blue shades. Shame my vacation is over, it means less time to experiment. I’d love to pair this shade with a purple shade.



signatur 1

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