#51 A song with a great title

This an unexpectedly difficult category!? There are so many songs with great titles; I love long and short titles alike. The Kill for example, brilliant title, but likewise I like Go to Hell for Heaven’s Sake, so length is not a criteria. I like Blessed with a Curse because of the contradiction, I like Warship My Wreck because it’s wordplay. I like titles that are easy to remember as well as those that seem to have no connection with the song what so ever and you can’t remember for the life of you.

But this is going to be my pick: To the Horizon, Sir by Iain Morrisson. A Scottish singer-songwriter who makes hauntingly beautiful music. For whatever reason this title appeals to me. Probably because of the imagery and because I like titles likes this, because really it can’t be a name, it’s a call for action, i.e. I like the disregard for the rules of language.

And how did I stumble on Iain? Why, I listened to the Roddy Hart Show on BBC Scotland. Obviously.

I would also recommend giving A Flame of Wrath for Patrick Caogach a listen. It was the song that sold Iain to me, completely.

Lots of love,

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