Trust me; What I learned from trying another villain look

This story starts the way most of my stories start, with the MUA palette Poptastic. You know, this one, to the right:


Clearly, I thought I was in Jem and the Holograms when I bought it. Typing that out I almost regret that isn’t true; I’m sure that would be a lovely state of mind to be in.

One day I became obsessed with the idea of a yellow eyeshadow look. I googled for some inspiration. LOVED this look worn by Drew Barrymore in 2003:


I really like how the shadow is drawn out to the sides, past the eyebrow, and also the lack of precision and clean lines. I do love a messy look.

Quickly established that this look cannot be achieved with the MUA palette. It can’t. Unless you have some insanely good eye primer. At least I suppose it might work. I wouldn’t know, my primer is not -that- good. Packed on the yellow – barely shows at all.

So what -can- you do with this yellow shadow?

Well you can do this (bottom right):


Theoretically you can do this. There is something about the result that doesn’t seem quite right.

What I learned from this experiment:

A bad yellow is a bad yellow; no other color will set it off.
Nick Cave is so right; it was the light, it was the angle. OK, maybe I already knew that, but this is just another example of that being true.
Purple is not my favorite color (?). If this is purple, then it is not my favorite. Thought it was.
My makeup collection is not complete. While the IsaDora Ruby Gem is pretty much the best red shade in the history of the world, for villain makeup, a more orange shade red is needed. Also, a good yellow shadow, I needs it. Not to mention a proper good eye primer.
The wide choker; it’s not for me. Will not be using it again.
Need to structure my makeup better; forgot about that IsaDora berry blush for months, and I like it. Even tho it was not the right thing for this look at all.

Adult coloring books? When I’ve got a face and makeup? You have got to be kidding me.



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