#52 A song with featuring a great guitar solo guitarist

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that for a while, this guy graced us with his presence, making our existence a little less dreary:

I for one feel unbelievably fortunate. Once I get past the whole Really!? There was no one else you could take!? I could think of at least 10 other musicians that we could have sacrificed! And I’m talking about good musicians, not the ones we’d be better off without. I mean I get it, this was clearly payment for something. You can’t pay with something that is useless.

I mentioned on Sunday that Architect’s Tom Searle passed away on the 20th. Didn’t know him, never met; it still makes me feel as if it’s a little hard to breathe. (Don’t tell my mum, she’ll disown me.)

I wasn’t going to do repeats in this challenge unless absolutely necessary. Necessity is questionable, but I’m going to anyway. This is going to be another Architects song.

Despite being a complete guitar illiterate, for me, the guitars were a main selling point, what finally convinced me I should be listening to this band. Point in case: I’ve been sat listening to this more than once. And I don’t play the guitar. At all.

Architects is clearly a given for this entry. Even though I had planned to pick something else entirely; there was always the risk that this would just read like a long list of songs by Architects, so I’m making a conscious effort to choose other songs. Had I not I already mentioned A Match Made in Heaven in another post, that would have been my pick; the intro alone made me think FFS NO, this band can’t be this good, I can’t take it.

For this category, let’s have a song from their previous release Lost Forever // Lost Together. Let’s have Naysayer. Not only because it’s a great track, but because there are some mesmerizing effects in this video. ..and maybe because I want to go a little easy on you and not put you off.

The band’s still going to tour (can’t even begin to imagine how hard it’ll be, bless them and all the love ♥♥♥). I’ve got tickets for two shows already, and I’m making plans to use my last two days of vacay and add another date to my itinerary. Surely I don’t have to explain why?

Lots of love,

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