Top…eight..? Tuesday

It’s been a while! I felt less than inspired by the past few Top Ten Tuesday topics from The Broke and the Bookish – not because they were bad topics. Heaven’s no! It is, unfortunately, more of a case of struggling to find books fitting the topic. What can I say; at times, I’m a bad reader. Or forgetful. At best.

But this week’s topic, it appeals to me! The topic is Back To School Freebie. So any type list related to school. A chance to make my very own Required Reading you say? Would not pass it up! See, I always want to beat people over the head with books. It’s my favorite threat of all the threats.

This list is required reading for, well, mankind really, but especially those of you who’ve asked your fave YouTuber, when she’s making a Q&A, how she remains looking so svelte (whose content is not even about dieting); YouTubers in tears because they’re “not pretty enough” to make a living off of YouTube (OH FFS, it’s not about pretty, it’s about the fact that you for unknown reasons are not doing the stuff you’re actually goddamn brilliant at); those of us stuck in the vicious circle of restricting and binging, especially those who think they’re “well” but still subscribing to project thin; us lot especially require this reading.

Required Reading

1. The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir. Starting with the obvious. It’s been translated to many, many languages, pick a choice! Also; you don’t have to read it all in one go. Pick whatever appeals to you at the time, save the rest for later. I always like any part about menstruating.

simone de beauvoir the second sex

PS. Best book for beating. This is a true brick.

2. Hur man botar en feminist (How to cure a feminist) by Nanna Johansson. Now this is a bit tricker unless you’ve got a fairly good grasp of the Swedish language. I’d be happy to translate it for you though. Again with the menstruation:

Nanna Johansson mens
Ööö, are you on the rag or what? – Sure am! How much do you need?

3. Unspeakable Things by Penny Laurie. Mentioned I love this book a while back. And I really do. My English copy still awaits reading, so looking forward to!

Penny Laurie you can't win
The game is rigged. You can’t win, because nobody wins. If you don’t diet, blow-out your hair, spend your spare cash on beauty treatments and fashionable clothes, you’re considered inferior, letting down professional standards – but if you do, you’re an idiot bimbo.

4. Feminist Political Theory by Valerie Bryson. This is my go-to book for feminist theory. It was on the reading list when I studied gender theory, the lecturer warned us the author was a left-wing sympathizer and we should keep that in mind while reading. I.e. perfect for beating some sense into the most insensible of persons? Favorite chapter: the one on radical feminism.

Valerie Bryson Feminist Political Theory

5. Kroppspanik (Body anxiety) by Julia Skott. Because this book talks a lot about that which just isn’t (cannot?) be said enough:

I want you to step off of the scale, stop pinching your fat, real or imagined, and stop worrying about three or eight or forty kilos too much or too little. Regardless of what you look like, regardless of what you weigh, it’s a waste of time to worry and feel bad about it.

6. Mina vackra ögon (My beautiful eyes) by Nina Hemmingsson. Really, any of Nina’s comics. I love her drawings and sense of humor. Always puts me in a good mood.

Nina Hemmingsson
I’ve got nothing more to say. Well. I’ve got to get going. You’ll never see me again.

7. Under det rosa täcket (Under the Pink Cover) by Nina Björk. This is a Swedish classic, and rightly so. My copy is starting to disintegrate. My favorite chapter: where she discusses Dirty Weekend, Thelma & Louise, and Ambition.

Nina Björk Under det rosa täcket
It is not until a woman stops being “feminine” that she stops being oppressed. Are these our only two options?

8. Det kallas manshat (It’s called hating men) by Carin Holmberg. There is only ONE thing that’s not great about this book; it’s very slim, not made for beating really. But you’ll be able to read it through quickly enough. Obviously means you can read it a number of times too, easy.

Det kallas manshat Carin Holmberg
SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HATING WOMEN AND HATING MEN // The societal hatred of women is a far more profound problem than any hatred of men. The hatred of women permeates society as a whole and is reproduced and supported by women and men alike.


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