100 day song challenge #94

#94 A song from a really obscure band

I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this category. Is it obscure as in “really weird” or obscure as in not a lot of people listen to it? If the latter, I’ve already mentioned Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire; it’s the one artist/band I listen to with the lowest listener count on last.fm and Spotify alike.

But in my mind, when I think of obscure and the music I listen to, I always and without fail think of Current 93. I mean really. They’ve got songs such as “Into the menstrual night I go” and “Lucifer over London”, which I think says a lot of their level of weirdness. It’s minimalist music, at times bordering on kinda creepy, while sometimes just really sweet (basically the Soft Black Stars record). I’m going to go with this interpretation and pick a Current 93 song.

I’ve tried to pick one of their more listenable tracks, not least so because it features Nick Cave, whom we all know and love I’m sure. Do give it a listen, you may just like it.

While I love Current 93, I simply cannot understand how this band has more listeners than Roddy Hart. Is it –because- Current is so weird that they have more listeners? Because we all just want to be hipsters? And listen to music that “nobody” listens to?

Any ideas? Is it just because Current have been around since the 90s (a.k.a. forever) so they’ve simply had the time to gather a following?


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2 thoughts on “100 day song challenge #94”

  1. What music is obscure anymore? Really? It’s all been discovered by now!

    That’s a good pick and yet another traditional song, you know? Also they have been going since the early 80’s but I shouldn’t get carried away with the little details, hey? I think yeah it’s just most likely it’s just this weird band and bands like these build a fan base that are very dedicated listeners over a very long time and then just keep on building on top of that with each new album over the years! Also doing something different with music is always better than the same old thing, maybe?

    Oh, I did listen to Kicking Against The Pricks album again this morning and I don’t know but you might just have picked the two best tracks from it yesterday!


    1. Ah yes, that may well be true. And if it hasn’t, discovering is nothing like it used to be. At least for me, it felt as if there was more obscure music around pre-Spotify, when you basically had to resort to getting things off of Napster because some things just couldn’t be found. Spotify is both a blessing and a curse.

      Haha, probably should have done my research 😉
      You know, still though, I wonder how they make a living off of music like this. While they do have a strong fanbase, is that really enough to make a living if it doesn’t appeal to the masses?

      😀 I’ve got excellent taste, right? Has nothing to do with the quality of the remaining tracks on the record 😉 I sort of miss that sound sometimes, Blixa’s guitars in the 80s in particular.



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