#33 A song with a color in the title

I’ll be honest with you, for this category I used Last.fm to scroll through the music I’ve been listening to.

Song with color in the title!? Couldn’t think of a single one. I just got stuck on a line in a Madrugada song: “Blue, strange color blue” – which I’ve now learned is the actual title of the song, but let’s not go with that one. Seeing how I didn’t even know the name of the song that seems to make sense.

My most listened to song with a color in the title: Red Hypergiant by Architects. It’s an instrumental piece, so we’re also not going with that one. I just don’t think you’d love it the appropriate amount. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s Red Right Hand by Nick Cave, but believe it or not, I’m trying to not be Captain Obvious here.

Let’s go with Clearest Blue by CHVRCHES. Because, at least, that’s a band I’ve not been harping on about already. Lovely electronic outfit from Glasgow (as if there are people who don’t know of them already?). Nice upbeat tune that makes you want to dance. Also excellent soundtrack to your cleaning.

Lots of love.

signatur 1

2 thoughts on “100 DAY SONG CHALLENGE #33”

    1. Isn’t it tho!? 😀 I’d say THE BEST for drowning out any pesky reality.

      Also sehr sehr pleased that you’re warming up to them course! 🙂 Maybe redundant to point out, but anyways.



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