Reading challenge update; Various

This challenge is starting to stress me out. It’s starting to stress me out and I’m starting to think that I haven’t got time for this; I have my own plan!

At the same time. I started it, I want to finish it. Admittedly the worst reason ever to do anything.

For now, let’s go with I might finish it. And in an attempt to do so, I’ll be starting to use the same book for multiple categories whenever possible.

I’ve recently finished reading four books, corresponding to the following categories:

Graphic novel

Fröken Livrädd & Kärleken (Miss Terrified & Love) by Joanna Rubin Dranger 

I don’t even want to talk about this book, I just really, really didn’t like it at all. The style of drawing didn’t appeal to me, nor the style of story. I think there was a good idea underneath it all, but I’m shallow. I need an appealing aesthetics. No idea why I picked it up; it’s a graphic novel, I should have been able to tell I wouldn’t like it.

A national book award winner; A book set in Europe; A book that takes place during summer

Flickvännen (The Girlfriend) by Karolina Ramqvist


I feel I need to explain. I’m having the national book award be just any national book award; this book has got an award, as stated on the back. It’s set in Sweden (Europe, obvs), and the season seems to be summer. This one I would recommend! I love Ramqvist’s style of writing, and I love how she explores what it is to be a girlfriend, via a somewhat unusual situation (the protagonist is the GF of a gangster type man), and the pace of the novel. Just really enjoyed it.

A YA besteller

Before I Die by Jenny Downham

before i die

Picked it up on a whim at Foyles. I’ve been consciously avoiding books like this, i.e. books about people with terminal illness who will inevitably die, thinking I just can’t take it. But recent events made me curious as to what it might be like. If you’re new to this genre this strikes me as a good book to start with, simply because it doesn’t go out of its way to drag emotions out of you, i.e. doesn’t dwell on what a truly shitty situation this is.

It is possible I’m also kinda loving this book because the protagonist Tessa has a slightly bitter streak.

before i die

A book that’s under 150 pages; A book you can finish in a day

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave

sick bag song

This is a fun little book. I like how Cave ignores convention, mixes the prose and the poetry, I just like it’s randomness and glimpses of what it’s like to be on tour. It’s a perfect read if you ever feel disillusioned and just can’t take someone telling a goddamn story.


And with that, I’ve got 23 categories to go in about 18 weeks, if I want to finish the challenge by the end of the year. Which I was thinking would be appropriate, so that I could start on another challenge in January.

But I don’t know, maybe this book challenge thing is not for me? It’s making it difficult for me to incorporate all the feminist reading I really need. And I mean need as in my brain is starting to occupy itself with thoughts of restriction again.


signatur 1

PS. I do love how commuting is turning out to be v. v. good for my reading. May even go as far as saying I kind of enjoy it?

5 thoughts on “Reading challenge update; Various”

  1. Just set your own challenge for 2017 then? You can include themes such as “x number of feminist books”, or “max x books written by men”. Or if you don’t want absolute numbers, set % rates! 😀

    Also, I have a question (despite being fairly sure what you’ll answer due to the topic*). Do you think I should go to this? It’s sold out in Rotterdam, but still tickets available for Gouda…


    * Obviously some variation of “Hell yes!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I think that’s an excellent idea, to make my own challenge

      😀 You know, considering that phrasing I was all “What!?! She’s gonna go see Architects!?!” But yeah, you’re right, hell yes pretty much covers it. I mean why wouldn’t you? Did you listen to the latest track he released the other day?

      ..kinda ashamed to say that I’m not appropriately excited for the record release on Friday. Despite the fact that the track he released really was very good. Appropriately excited would involve trying to get a hold of the record pre release, my Nick Cave-fangirling is not what it used to be. Need to work on that.



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