Current fave combos

I don’t know about you, but I’m often obsessed with combining certain makeup products; which and how I combine them varies. These are my current favorite combinations.

NYX lash primer + Natural Collection Lash Definition mascara + No7 waterproof mascara


My current holy trinity of lashes. Lash primer! Why did it take me so long to get on board with the lash primer? And while I was off to a rocky start with the Natural Collection mascara, it seems to have settled down and now applies beautifully. I am most definitely adding it to my UK shopping list! The fact that it’s so cheap that it if it was any cheaper it’d be free is just an added bonus. To lock it all in place I add a coat of the No7 waterproof. Not sure if it’s needed, but just as a precaution.

NYX taupe blush + Revolution Radiant lights highlighter


I’ve wanted a taupe blush for such a long time and not until now that I’d stopped looking did I find it. True love indeed! Perfect for a washed-out, unhealthy look. You wouldn’t catch me wearing it without highlighter tho. Currently, this single highlighter is my top choice.

A variety of orange shadows


I mentioned how I love the orange eye a while back. Still do. I like to combine a number of different orange shades according to mood. Faves: the NYX Color Riot + H&M Orange Ochre & A Pretty Penny.

NYX eyeshadow in Coquette + NYX Cherry Sky + glasses


If I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll add a lick of liner, but the general idea is a naked eye + bold lip, because it truly does work exceptionally well with glasses.

NYX blush in Deep Plum + Real Techniques contour brush


Obsessed with painting an angry stripe of this NYX blush on my cheeks using this RT brush. No one would approve; I love it so!

What are some of your favorite combos?


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