Fall prep; 13 outfit ideas

So here’s a fun way to spend your weekend; go through your wardrobe, take stock, clear out, and compile fall outfits. Next! Combine your pieces into outfits, take pics and use for future inspo, tailored to you specifically; clever no?

I for one feel insanely clever and I think this may just be what I needed; an overview and evidence that maybe I don’t have to add any more pieces for this fall (except for a black/white Holzfällerhemd I’ve already ordered, and which I will argue that I need).

This fall I’ll be wearing (variations of) the following:

As per usual, simple and comfortable is key, and I plan to pair up most outfits with my red lipsticks.

I’m sticking with my usual palette; the black, grey, purple, petrol, bit of pink and yellow thrown in for good measure.

Clearly, I’ve yet to abandon my H&M shorts; I figured pairing them with 100 den H&M control top tights would give me some more wear out of them before winter kicks in.

I’ve been loving tops with a bit of movement for a while now, and I’m sticking with it. Can’t believe that it took me THIS LONG to realize I could be getting tops in a couple of sizes larger; I just love the swoosh of fabric.

And boots, boots, boots, how I’ve missed wearing boots on a daily basis!

For colder days I’ll be layering with long cardigans and an asymmetrical poncho (currently living in my office).

I feel all set for fall. Bring it on.


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