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If I could only use six makeup items

This is an idea that I’ve stolen from Rhian Westbury. Simply because I think it is an excellent exercise of the mind.

I often feel this is getting out of hand. I have too many products and a routine that is not as quick as I would like.

But somehow, I seem to be adding products rather than the other way around. To my routine and to my collection. I don’t want to be a collector. Clearly doesn’t stop me though. Impulse control? I don’t do that.

Not that my collection is HUGE, it really isn’t. It’s just bigger than I would like.

But then, in my own defense, I do use the absolute majority of the products I have; I never repeat a look two days in a row, and I do try out at least 2 new looks every week. Often more than that. Not that this is an excuse.

I really need a routine that takes little time, while still making me look at least in the vicinity of a crazy person. Makeup = attempt to keep most people at arms length at the very least. Something I am quite interested in.

But if forced, 6 products could get you a long way.

My 6


Eye primer. You do need an eye primer, that’s all there’s to it. I discovered the eye primer quite late in life, I’d been struggling with creased shadow for ages felt like. The eye primer was an epiphany indeed. I never go without.


No7 matte foundation. Let’s face it; I’m old. I need a product to even out the color in my face. Well OK, not need, but I just feel that it’s more fun to work with a blank canvas.


Gosh primer/setting powder. Honestly. Can we talk about this –amazing– powder? This has been a true game-changer for me. My previous powders, they haven’t been bad. But this stuff, it keeps any foundation in place FOR 12 HOURS. That’s a long time. No need to top up. Seeing how I’m a person of combination skin, I LOVE this stuff..


No7 waterproof mascara. Because eyeshadow without mascara just looks weird. And I need my eyeshadow.


MUA eyeshadow in Chestnut. Because it goes with all colors (I match makeup and what I wear, obvs), perfect for the hollow-of-eye-look, which is my go-to look, AND it can be used on brows too, if need be. Then again, eyebrows is apparently the one thing I could do without. As recently as this morning I just couldn’t be bothered and went to work sans brows. I don’t hate it at all.


GOSH blush. Because I have no angles to my face, I need something to not look like a big piece of Mozarella. I remain unconvinced by contouring. Mostly just ends with me looking like a dirty child.

What I feel worst about giving up: bright shadow for inner corner or eye. Addicted! But then, there’s no point to it if you don’t have a darker shadow on the lid. Sooo…

Sort of missing a lip product, but I figure you could probably fake some color with blush and/or eyeshadow, OR, probably most likely, have the lips melt into your face and just go with the never-failing Gerard Way in Helena type look.


What would you choose?


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9 thoughts on “If I could only use six makeup items”

  1. I am the same, now i highlight, fill in eyebrows, contour, put on base, use specific tools, exhausting really, i could imagine in 10 years how the beauty world will look like lol x

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