Good riddance; Weekly summary

Fave track off of the new Nick Cave I’ve been listening to on repeat: Girl in Amber. I’m currently enjoying dwelling on sadness; for which this track is perfect.

The line “if you want to leave” sticks with me especially.

My headphones broke. And I panicked. Immediately ordered exact same type, and not until I had paid I realized my order read “will send as soon as they’re back in stock”.

!!! Noooo !!!

Not an exaggerated reaction at all. Especially since I have two other pairs of headphones.

Listened through the That’s Not Metal Architects interview. Much belated. Most memorable part: where they claim there aren’t any bad looking bands anymore. OOOOKKKK. I guess we don’t have the same definition of “bad looking”. Not to mention the fact that some bands, that are great, and maybe not that unpleasant on the eyes, insist on having a typical metal pattern of movement which just makes them completely insufferable to watch. I think that should be considered when talking about whether or not a band looks good.

Panic has been a theme this week. Also panicked when I realized I had to throw away two pairs of my 100 den control top tights. Which lead to ordering new ones from H&M and, as per usual, I just don’t order one item from H&M. Doesn’t happen. Had to order a few more bits while I was at it. So much for the I don’t need to get any more clothes for this fall. Don’t listen to a word I say.

…and then there was Spotify acting up again. Seriously. They’re really trying my patience. It stopped playing the latest Architects’ release (i.e. tracks I have saved on my phone as mp3s). That’s just a deal-breaker. Managed to fix it of course (spent HOURS), but I was in a state of panic

Bothered to read the label on my Provera and realized that I’ve been taking it 4 time a year, when really, I could get away with 3. THREE. This is such good news! Me and Herr Doktor talked about how often I should bleed and agreed on 4 times/year (I don’t even know why he asked me, it’s not as if it’s up to me?), so I don’t know why the label says every 4 months, but I am not about to argue with it. So I’m not starting my Provera this week then.

Fave look of the week: orange + a very blue purple matte shadow. I wake up at about 5.20 in the morning, and as one does, scroll through my Instafeed, sees a brilliant makeup on the NYX cosmetics account which solves my current purple or orange dilemma; combine, combine! Sounds insane but it’s really quite nice, looks kinda like this:

Although the original probably does a better job convincing this doesn’t read like insanity (also doesn’t have to be grungy, but I only do grungy, thought I’d just mention that, because it probably hasn’t been glaringly clear?). Should probably point out I didn’t use my brightest orange but a rather darker, more burnt shade. I so desperately need a good matte palette, i.e. one with some fun shades.


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