100 day song challenge #46

#46 A song with the word fire in the title

I’ve been listen to PVRIS quite a bit lately, so I’ve been purposely searching for a reason to include them in this challenge.

I love this band and if you haven’t heard them you really should get to it. It’s an alt rock trio with a twist of electronica. What really does it for me tho is the singer, kind of reminds me of Paramore’s Hayley Williams with a deliverance like PJ Harvey in Send his love to me (the latter might be my own personal association). I shall crown her fave frontperson of a group. Not least because she’s aced live performances and interviews too. OK then, I feel myself regressing into some sort of Wayne and Garth state here…so let’s just move on to the song!

Apty enough, they have a song called Fire.

But do also give My House a listen. And You and I. Hell, just listen to the entire record while you’re at it. Promise you won’t regret it.


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