How I store my makeup

I like to watch decluttering videos on YouTube. Specifically, makeup collection decluttering; not so much for the decluttering, but to see how people store their makeup. And to get a peek into their lives, obvs. Nosy person that I am.

So far, I’ve not encountered anyone storing their makeup as illogically as myself.

See I don’t keep all my makeup in the same place.

Most of my products live in the room I like to call the Closet; it’s really a second bedroom, but because it’s where all of my clothes live, and no bed, the Closet seems like an appropriate name.

In this room, I also have a desk with quite a large drawer where I keep all of my eyeshadows, powders, blushes, highlighters, contour, and some backup products.

makeup storage.jpg

Brushes to use use with these products live on top of the desk.

makeup storage brushes

My lip products live in the hallway, on top of a dresser.

makeup storage lip products

I suppose the reasoning behind is that I can just grab a lip product as I’m running out the door. Not that this is something I frequently do. But I could!

Now for the base products + eyeliners and mascaras; I keep them in the bathroom.

makeup storage base products

I suppose there is some sort of reason behind this. Actually, there are several (complicated) reasons; all relating to what is practical. Although, one might question the practicality of storing makeup at different places in your home. It’s a whole lot of running about in the morning.

Good news is; it gives the products time to sink in for just a wee bit between application of the next.

How do you store your makeup?


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