100 day song challenge #71

#71 A song your parents played in the car when you were younger

I’m going to go ahead and interpret this as a song my parents played in the car when I was a kid. Because I’ve been the DJ of pretty much any parent-car situation since they started playing me Roxette in the late 80s.

From their 1988 release Look Sharp!, Dangerous by Roxette.

Should I be embarrassed that I still do like this record? Probably. I’m not though. Zero percent. I was a fangirl even back then; I used to have the live show they show clips from in the video on VHS. Watched it over, and over, and over…


signatur 1

3 thoughts on “100 day song challenge #71”

  1. Hey! I did something like this just the other night after coming home really late on Saturday
    turning on the TV and finding them playing this old Aussie show called Countdown. You would never have heard of it over where you are but was a big deal here, you know? It was like a pop & rock show anyway I made a list of ten songs in the end which I really remember and loved as a kid from that show so I don’t know if you want have a look at my post or even watch/listen to anything on it? Most of it is Aussie stuff anyway what I was going to say is whatever the music anyone like when they are really young kid they shouldn’t be embarrassed by it now not that you are or anything but it’s a cool post and Roxette are wicked! Cheers 🙂

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