100 day song challenge #10

#10 A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it

This is a poorly phrased category. It assumes one of two things:

1) that you listen to a song very VERY seldom.
2) that you have the memory of a goldfish

Or all of the above. Right. Anyone mind if I take the liberty of rephrasing?

#10 A song in which you hear something new, even after repeated listens

Brace yourself. This is going to be another Architects song. So I’m scheduling this for the future. Months on, possibly (HELLO future me -waves-).

Often when I listen to Architect’s Daybreaker album, I find myself thinking “What’s this song? This is sooo good. Why didn’t I listen to this before?

Except for I did. About a thousand times (see my last.fm :P). For the life of me, I seem unable to remember. Sometimes I’ll have this thought twice during the song. “OH, it’s still Architects.

Last time, it was while listening to Truth, Be Told on the bus to work; the bus driver had it in for us, tried to kill us by turning up the heat so that it was barely possible to breathe, which I would like to claim explains why I was so confused at that time. My brain:

Well. This is a nice tune. Listen to those guitars. Now there’s someone who could replace Tom!? OH. It IS Tom. FFS. 

Let me explain: this is a fun game I have. What if this member in this band suddenly did a John Frusciante – i.e. threw a hissy fit and left, this is important, it’s not leaving out of necessity, I like imagining people having a mental breakdown  – who would replace him/her? 

I’m clearly still occupied with this particular round of the game, starting to think I need to expand my frame of reference.

So that’s an unnecessarily long intro to this tune for ya. Do give it a listen; it’s a fun little song, not exactly representative of Architects, i.e. still fair chance you’d like it, even if metal isn’t your cup of tea.


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