100 day song challenge #90

#90 A song about not giving a fuck

Brace yourself, because I’m about to be insanely witty.

I think most people would interpret this as a call for some sort of punk song, or at least an angry song. Bring Me the Horizon’s Antivist would be an obvious choice (Middle fingers up if you don’t give a fuck).


I’m interpreting it literally and selecting Farin Urlaub’s Phänomenal Egal.

And by literally I mean that the title of the song literally means, freely translated, you mean nothing at all to me. Only listening to the lyrics with half an ear and not understanding German -that- well; this song reads to me as a song saying “You don’t fucking mean anything to me” while being sung in the calmest and sweetest way possible.

I like the contradiction of this.

Now don’t go spoiling this interpretation of mine. I do much enjoy the random and poorly supported interpretations of the world I create for myself.


signatur 1

2 thoughts on “100 day song challenge #90”

  1. Well. I think that’s a fair interpretation at face value, cause that’s what he sings. As always where my (our?) favorite Germans are involved, no one but themselves will know what they really mean with anything.

    And thank you! Now I’ve spent the last half hour watching FURT videos 😀

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