End of week; Summary

This week I’ve been loving

» Salvation by Editors
» Broken Lungs by Thrice
» That we’re closer still to the end of October, counting down the days!
» The Sleek highlighter palette Solstice, I mean just look at its shiny self:


» Vlogtober! You just wish some people would do vlogs on a regular basis. E.g. Leila Buffery.
» Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, JFC I am so happy I abandoned The Queen of the Damned to start on this. Was putting it off because I was afraid it wouldn’t read well; but I was madly in love by the end of the prologue. We’re going to have to get back to this wonderful read at a later time.
» This outfit


Appropriate work attire; CHECK! PS. Loving this jumper from H&M despite the fact that it smells so strongly of chemicals that I’m no convinced I will get cancer. Or at least terrible allergies. This is after washing. Few more washes will surely solve this problem..?
» Crudo; best glass of wine I’ve had since discovering Fumées Blanches. This one, it’s not even my fave Sauvignon Blanc, and I bought it purely because there’s an octopus on it. Octopus! (Did I mention poor impulse control?) It is so good, soo citrusy and nice.


And on that note.


signatur 1


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