100 day song challenge #17

#17 A song that was released in the 70s

Finally! I’ve got a reason to harp on about one of my faves John Cale. I love John Cale.

In case you’ve missed it; John Cale used to be in Velvet Underground. I don’t particularly like Velvet Underground. I also don’t like Lou Reed (also in Velvet obvs).

But I love John Cale.

Well. At least when he plays the piano.

If I’m being honest, my love for Cale is completely based on his Fragments of a Rainy Season record. Which is a live recording where he plays the piano. Basically.

I just love how he plays the piano. People don’t play the piano like that anymore.  Except for Diamanda. But then she and John would probably have learned how to play around the same time, so that makes sense I suppose. I wish someone would teach me how to; it has a darkness about it that I find very appealing.

I think he probably, originally, released this song in the 70s. I have CD saying he did. So let’s go with that; John Cale’s cover of Heartbreak Hotel.


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