liv strömquist uppgång & fall

Reading challenge; A satirical book

Having read a review of Liv Strömquist’s Uppgång & Fall (Rise & Fall) at I immediately threw myself at it. Not only does it fit the reading challenge perfectly; I already know and love Liv’s work. I just wasn’t exactly up to date on her publishing schedule.


I was not disappointed; it is truly brilliant.

It’s a comic book, which makes it all the more genius because it makes satire more easily accessible for political morons like myself. Which surely is the target audience?

I read this book and thought to myself Bless her for taking the time to explain this to us. If that comes out as sounding sarcastic, it’s not, I really do mean it.

These are some of the things she explains:

liv strömquist uppgång & fall
Oh you know what it’s like, this talk about how the Western culture is all wrong.

Despite popular belief, the Western world excels at living in the now. Basically, there is no other way to explain our abuse of the Earth’s resources.

liv strömquist uppgång & fall
I think can stop global warming all by myself by buying this organic tomato! // I don’t think politicians have to enact a single law or for a second consider “constant growth” or make any restrictions to our lifestyles…I think the free market will sort out this global warming issue all on its own!

And no, our environmental issues are not going to be solved by individual choices. Choosing organic tomatoes just isn’t going to cut it, nor is the free market. If anyone ever believed that.

liv strömquist uppgång & fall
She’s a dope fiend – why didn’t you just say so?!

She talks at length about Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Finally arriving at the conclusion that it’s all a result of Ayn being a dope fiend. The relief I feel that there is one more book in this world I need not bother with.

liv strömquist uppgång & fall
Well, it’s because through hedge funds, which is what Chris works with, you can make money on making other people poor! E.g. by something called short selling

She explains the problem with Chris O’Neill. Or really, why we should stop worrying about our monarchy and focus on what it is that this man actually does for a living. Probably not him as an individual as much as the fact that there are people in this world making money on making other people poor.

liv strömquist uppgång & fall
4. Lost in master-slave morality

She explains why The Left Party seems completely unable to grow. I’m particularly convinced by her master–slave morality argument.

liv strömquist uppgång & fall
Eradicte extreme wealth

Finally, she explains that, again, our focus is all wrong, we should be focusing on eradicating extreme wealth, not poverty. FacePalm. I need more reads like this in my life.

Your fangirl,

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