The 11 stages of packing

ONE. Get bag.


One from Primark will do; perfect carry-on size. It’s all I’ll be able to carry from home to the bus, and from the bus to work. In total a 30-minute walk; not to be  compromised.

TWO. Get lots of clothes out of the closet, place on large surface.


This is also an excellent way to get some overview of what is in your closet. Conclusion TOO MANY CLOTHES.

THREE. Procrastinate. Go out for a walk, have some tea, watch a lot of YouTube, get lost in old Lady Gaga and get good ideas. Wide fitting trousers you say? And don’t even get me started on that eye make, I am in love.

FOUR. Screening. I.e., start to consider what are actual options, i.e. not too cold, not too uncomfortable, just not what you’d want to wear. Those clothes are not going to move themselves; if you’re planning on sleeping in that bed tonight you better get to it.

FIVE. Finally weed out two options for trip 1. It’s just over night; two outfits + one eyeshadow palette is enough.


Having since worn the Paisley dress; it has got to go. 

SIX. Curse the gods for having to pack two different bags in one week.

SEVEN. Get a grip on yourself and compile possible options, get a second opinion. I.e. email sister and ask her opinion for trip 2. Options:

I.e. knits and shorts, wide-legged trousers and 3/4 sleeve tops, black jeans and various tops.

EIGHT. Decide the small bag was never going to work anyway, and just pack it all.

NINE. Do some ill adviced trying on of the outfits. Shorts with the brightest, loudest pair of tights you own = hours of hating body.

TEN. Sleep on it. Put on a pair of jeans you never intended to bring anyway and decide they’re the ones! All the pieces fit after that.

It’s possible I packed a couple of shorts + a few extra black jumpers just in case I’d feel like this is too much color. Which, if we’re being honest, is kinda likely. 

ELEVEN. Pack makeup and such. With any luck reviewing your makeup won’t make you change your mind.

Swear to god, the older I get the more of a stuggle packing becomes.


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