100 day song challenge #32

#32 A song with a line you would tattoo on your body

In general, I feel that tattooing words on your body is a mistake. Not because it looks bad, I like the way words can look.

But sometimes, a word or a phrase loses its meaning over time.

For example: I used to do a lot of underlining in my books at one point. When I read these books now I just stare at my underlinings and I have no idea why I’ve underlined. The words just don’t have the same meaning to me anymore.

If I’d get tattooed, I’d get flowers for sure. Long time love. And I’d get them tattoed on the inside of my arms so that it’d feel as if I had a lining. You know, like the lining of a coat?

Not going to cheat on this category and go changing it again tho.

I’d get Ich wart am falschen Pol tattooed, from the Einstürzende Neubauten song Stella Maris.


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