I ❤ Glasgow 



Museum + Park

We walked and walked in this park. I absolutely loved it, even when it was raining! Sis; not so keen. But I guess not all of us can be a fan of the walking. As for the museum, this time, we only visited the Mackintosh exhibition. We’ve seen it before but I just don’t tire of Margaret Mackintosh’s paintings.

Mackintosh House

Pics from http://www.mackintosh-architecture.gla.ac.uk/. It’s where they told us to get pics as you’re not allowed to take pics inside. 

I’ve been on the guided tour of the Mackintosh House before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go again. I’d say, you can and should. Still in love with the light in the living room. Despite the fact I don’t really like white interior.

Huntarian Gallery 

Not usually a fan of paintings, but I do love the Whistler collection at the Huntarian Gallery. It’s housed in the same building as the Mackintosh House, v. v. convenient, and it’s next door to the uni, which is well worth a visit even if you’re not that interested in universities. It’s one of those amazing old uni’s that look like a castle of some sort.

Glasgow School of Art

Another Mackintosh building. Yes, I am in love with his aesthetics! So glad you noticed. Unfortunately it’s currently covered in scaffolding, so we didn’t actually see the building. It usually looks like this from the outside:photo

Pretty, no? Inside is worth a visit too. They do a tour that I’d definitely recommend. For unknown reasons not something we considered this time, maybe it felt too fangirly? Yes. That strikes me as likely. But next time!


So basically, I’m just listing lots of Mackintosh-related things. Slightly less Mackintosh related, the view:


But there’s a Mackintosh exhibition inside as well, obvs one of them chairs:


If ever I am in need of a chair at some point in the future, I am getting a Mackintosh chair. Current status: in possession of more chairs than I use. Boo.

Lots of love!

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