glasgow lighthouse

I ❤ Glasgow 

Because you can visit old faves like Café Andaluz + Willow Tea Rooms.

Dared have the afternoon tea at The Willow. By dared I mean, tried afternoon tea first time in Manchester a couple of years ago, was the fullest I’ve ever been in my life and thusly traumatized, haven’t dared tried it since. The Willow offers a more humane amount of food. And they do have a vegan version! Oddly enough not something they put on the menu, you have to ask for it.

PS. in case you’re unfamiliar with The Willow Tea Rooms, they have Mackinstoh interior, which is why tourists like myself like to visit. Yes, I have absolutely no shame, I love doing the touristy things.

Was going to take pics of the food at Café Andaluz, but after the starter, I sorta forgot. Olives, drinks, bread, v. v. interesting?


Top tip: try their Cava sangria, it’s amazing.

Get new faves like Stereo (3 times, it was that good),

Fave thing off their menu: sun dried tomato, rosemary, polenta chips and crispy cauliflower. Bit garlicky, but so, so good. And oh, their Dark + Stormy is my new fave drink; if I remember correctly it’s basically ginger beer + rum.

Singl-end (2 x)


Quickly figured out waiting for a table was not a bad thing; they offer you tea and a seat while you wait. And a big pot of tea too.

Loved the vegan banoffee cakes + and their cherry scones. Yes we went twice. Yes, we waited for our table both times. Seriously love this place.

and Mono.

To be fair, I have been to Mono before but was slightly underwhelmed last time. Went back only because convenient location + vegan. This time, I had a mushroom, kale and rosemary soup with a veggie wrap and it was just a perfect lunch. Will definitely be going back.

Try out Bloc+, 13th Note and Butterfly & the Pig.

Slightly disappointed with Bloc+, partly because their service was kinda bad, and partly because of the menu, which didn’t match what’s online and I’m not exactly a big fan of any type dogs, vegan or otherwise; and partly because I read a review saying it was great. I’m more leaning towards meh; seemed like average pub to me. Could go back, but I don’t particularly feel I have to.

13th note…ditto. Most things on their menu seemed a bit too spicy for me. Not that I don’t like spicy, it’s just I can’t handle it.

Butterfly & the Pig was excellent, had a v. v. nice falafel burger + best hand cut chips I ever did have. Go back? I think yes.

…aaand, I’m not only a bad vegan but also a bad blogger; I can’t remember to take pics of the food. Next time tho!


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