100 day song challenge #72

#72 A song people wouldn’t expect you to like

You know how I like to portray myself as some sort of fan of heavy music? Yes well, I listen to lots of other things. That have little to nothing at all to do with metal. Frequently music a true fan of the heavy music (if there is such a creature) wouldn’t want to be anywhere near.

For a while I was completely obsessed with Josh Groban. Shocking, I know.

You know Josh Groban? Opera style singer, technically skilled, sorely lacking a song-writer with some interesting ideas.

It wasn’t even that long ago. My fave song of his is probably Oceano. Not knowing what he sings about, it’s not a bad thing.

(There are lovely live renditions of this song, if you can be bothered with intros by some boring old man.)

What sold Groban to me? Seeing him on Never mind the Buzzcocks. Obviously. Guy is funny, have a look:

My obsession kinda died down a bit when I finally stopped hoping that ONE DAY he would be given some songs with some merit and not have to rely solely on being a good singer.

It’s just not happening, is it?

I mean just imagine his singing with something a bit more dirty, be it the song in itself or the music. It would make for such a lovely contrast.


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