100 day song challenge

#31 A song that’s a power ballad

Following hitherdither’s entry on this category, I had to look up the actual meaning of power ballad. To me it was just this vague slow song by rock band, basically.

And maybe it was a desperate attempt to find some way to interpret this category in a way to make it correspond to something I am actually currently listen to on a fairly regular basis.

Probably a struggle for most people I’d say, unless you’re stuck in some sort of 80s rock mode. Which I suppose you could be. I’m not tho. Because I’m under the impression that I’m about 20 years old, i.e. my taste in music has many simiarities with someone at least 10 years younger than me. Both good and bad, but let’s try to stay on topic.

I did contemplate Guns N’ Roses’ Estranged because I really did use to love this song, and Wikipedia lists it as a power ballad. (I don’t really agree, but whatever.)

Watched the video. A) JFC, how did I ever think this was a good video? I’m clearly delusional. B) So videos have become vastly better or is this just a bad example? Also the song goes on for a friggin eternity. Dunno what I ever heard in it.

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) once you start going down this road on YouTube will recommend you power ballads no end. Which lead me to hey, I completely forgot I do sometimes listen to a power ballad. I have an excuse, it’s in my workout playlist. Which I haven’t been listening to much lately because I’m currently trying a different strategy for my workouts. Oh blahblahblah.

OK, let’s just spit it out: I’d do anything for love by Meatloaf.

Clearly. If I ever claim that I don’t have any guilty pleasures when it comes to music I’m lying, because this is definitely a guilty pleasure. In case that wasn’t obvious from this unnecessarily long intro.


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