100 day song challenge

#11 A song that would be the theme song of your life

There are number of ways to interpret this request.

  • A song that’s been with me for a long time
  • Songs that have been important in my life
  • A song that describes me
  • A song that I just really, really like

If I was going to describe myself using one word, you’d probably expect me to say introvert but no, I’d what is most characteristic about me and what affect all things I do is my inability to care, whatever is an apt word I would say.

My pick: Johnossi’s What’s the point


Not that I really have any idea of what the song is about, I just hear What’s the point of doing anything. Enough for me.

Although, the best theme song has to be Die Ärzte’s Ärzte theme.

 Wouldn’t it be great to have this play whenever you entered a room?

signatur 1

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