Reading challenge; A book that’s more than 600 pages

I’ve long since accepted the fact that I will not be completing the Popsugar 2016 reading challenge.

However. I’ve read a book and it fits the challenge. Let’s take a moment. Because I actually read a book that’s out of my comfort zone. Shocking I know.

I actively avoid most books that are more than say 250 pages. There are exceptions, but generally I’m of the opinion no book needs to be more than 250 pages. If it’s more than 250 pages you failed in editing.

Book read: Odinsbarn by Siri Pettersen. It’s the usual story, kid discovers it’s not like everyone else and goes on to save the day. The blurb of this book actually put me off reading it, so don’t read that. If, however, you enjoy historical fiction, magic,  and myths, you’ll probably like this. …don’t think it’s been translated into English though, so you need to be proficient in another (Scandinavian) language.

Initially, I had mixed feelings about it.

• The creatures in this story are basically humans with tails. Tails! I struggle with this image. Just like I struggled with the wings the protagonist sprouted in Ravencliffe. I fail to see the point. I also keep getting stuck thinking about how this would work/look in practice. If it was a graphic novel I could be on board, but in this format. No. Just no.

• The language. It’s kinda wordy. Typical fantasy I’m told. Not my cup of tea.

• It’s 600 pages. SIX HUNDRED. No book needs to be this long. Not only in terms of weight (yes I’ve been known to select books based on weight, because I like to bring a book when I travel, and as you may know, I’m a terrible packer → in need of short books).

But then..

• The use of the word jänta. I’m in love with this word.

• Being the Scandinavian that I am, I always enjoy when books are set in this region. It’s probably complete narcissism.

• I can list complaints all I want, the truth of the matter is they’re all irrelevant; the story had me at the palm of its hand. I was so drawn in, I’d read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Am I getting the last two parts of the series? You bet!

But honestly. Tails? Really?


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