Scrolling through my social feeds the other day the following heading caught my eye: “Wearing makeup is not a feminist act”.



That’s an interesting statement.

While I can think of instances where wearing the makeup could be a feminist act; for the sake of argument let’s say it’s true. Wearing makeup could never be a feminist act.

Regardless, isn’t this just another shaming women for their appearance? Another telling women what they can and cannot wear, a.k.a. the job of patriarchy? Which would make this statement antifeminist.

As if we need more of that.

It’s just another case of misdirection. We’re looking left and they’re running right and they score.

Yes. Let’s focus some more on what women wear. As if women were the problem, and by “correcting” women we’d be rid of this pesky patriarchy.


1 thought on “Misdirection”


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