New in my playlist; January 2017 edition

Following the mandatory December showing of Love Actually back in December, I added Dido’s Here with Me to a playlist or two.

Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire’s Swithering, I keep having new faves. Currently: No Monsters. But I’ll give you a link to a track you can download completely for free instead, Kingdom Over Again. Surely you can’t pass up on a free track, right?

They’re playing Eminem’s Cinderella Man in one of my workout classes. I’m so susceptible to brainwash. Been adding a few tracks to my playlists. Currently loving the version of Stan featuring Elton John because that piano so delish. Might prefer Dido’s vocals tho.

Sudden obsession with a 2014 Jennifer Rostock release, the song Schlaflos off of the record Schlaflos:

Praying for another German music obsession; it’s always such fun. Let’s not talk about how annoyed I am that the latest Jennifer Rostock release is not on Spotify.

Fave Spotify Discover is Foxblood. Right up my street; I do like me some post-hardcore.

In search for some new German music I stumbled on Annett Louisan’s cover record, including e.g. this lovely rendition of Rammstein’s Engel.


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