What vegans eat; Blueberry pancakes

I have found the solution to my pea protein problem!

The solution is blueberry pancakes. Obviously.

Just mix

2 dl whole-wheat flour
0.5 dl pea protein powder
0.25 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp sugar or whatever sweetener you like
2.5 dl almond milk or another milk with some flavor (b/c we’re trying to cover up the pea protein)
blueberries to taste

Gives you about 8 small & fluffy pancakes; enough for two breakfasts.

Note: the batter is quite thick, if you like you can add more milk to make it thinner and your pancakes a bit less rustic looking. However. A thick batter = easier to flip pancakes. Which is also the reason I prefer American style pancakes to Swedish style pancakes.

!important Serve with lots of PB and raspberries.


In case you’re wondering what the pea protein is even good for; it’s not because I think you need extra protein as a vegan. And no, I’m not under the impression I’m some sort of athlete. It’s a kindness to my hair. Irrationally trying to cancel out the maltreatment of my hair with extra protein.

..maybe I’d be better off keeping my irrationalities to myself..?

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