I ♥ last.fm

The new version of last.fm still has some issues, but this brand new weekly feature they’ve got, I like it!

They do such good statistics. Look:



It’s dead funny how Roddy Hart is his own genre.

In general, statistics bore the life our of me, but this, I’m obsessed with. Completely pointless but I’ve accepted that’s how I work.

Conlusion: 1 day 18 hours total of listening to music in a week??? I must up my game!

4 thoughts on “I ♥ last.fm”

  1. I don’t know still? It’s cool but I’m still not totally in love with it! I stop using it totally for a longtime but in the last two weeks or I’ve turn it back on so I must not hate it now! They need to made some changes to made me totally happy but it’s getting better! I’ll have to see if I can find you on it but don’t even know how to do that now?

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    1. Agreed, it’s hardly perfect. Still missing things that were good about the previous version for one.

      Yea, I also have no idea how to find users in general. You can find me a few ways tho, click the menu on this here blog (lisaanni.com), I’ve got a link under the heading Follow me. Or, go to Roddy Hart’s page on last.fm, I’m one of the top listeners, listed to the right on page 😛

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