martina haag det är något som inte stämmer

Reading the books; Det är något som inte stämmer

You know what I suddenly realized? I’m currently prioritizing going to the gym over reading. Fewer books are being read.

I don’t like that this is who I am.

So I shall proceed to ignore this fact; let’s talk about a book I read instead!

…and let’s also ignore the complete insanity that is writing about Swedish books in English.

I picked up Martina Haag’s Det är något som inte stämmer [Something’s not right] at the library the other day. Lovely little read you can finish in an afternoon.

The story is loosely based on the author’s own life, her fairly recent divorce, and focuses on what happens to a person who’s been deceived.

It is heartbreaking, even if the text never dwells too much on this. I do like the glimpses of what goes on in other people’s minds, especially when their behavior is, at times, less than rational. As is the case here.

I also love how Haag ignores chronological order and mixes scenes from the past and the present. The past: her life at home in the city, with her kids and husband, and how the marriage falls apart; The present: the time she spends in a cabin up north, middle of nowhere.

I’m starting to realize how I love reading about inaccessible places, places untouched by man. Surely not uncommon, but personally, it’s a surprise because I’m scared witless of being in places where there’s no running water even. Never mind places where there’s no civilisation. Reading about it tho! Makes me think I want to go hiking. Because in my mind, hiking = looking at the scenery.

A couple of things though.

The protagonist brings her cat to this nowhere place. And just lets it run free. And it doesn’t run away? I struggle with this. This isn’t how I know cats to work. Bit caught up on that. I know it’s a silly detail, but non the less. She also whistles and the cat comes running. Tell me, what breed does that?

The dialogue. At times it just reads kind of unnatural. This is a frequent hang-up I have, books and movies alike. Maybe it’s just me? I dunno.

But all and all, I cannot help but love a short book, clearly written, not overly discriptive, letting the reader fill in all the blanks. Not the best book I’ve ever read, but a perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.


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